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Yes we are registered in UK, Dominica, Seychelles and have applied for registrations in many countries across the globe.

A reverse auction is part skill , part luck based game where the aim is to out with the fellow participants by placing a bid that they think would be lowest and unique. The Bidder whose bid will remain the lowest at the time the auction closes will be declared winner.

Joining MavWealth is free of cost however to be able to place bid there is certain entry fee. So you need to be able to load money into your Bid Wallet.

To be a registered member in, you need to be above 18 years of age and need to have a valid mobile number and valid documents which are required for KYC.

Consider the for following scenario for :

Auction Product: Payeer $5000
Auction Closing Date: 10 July 2016
Entry Fee  : $1.00 / bid
 Assuming that the following bids (in pence) are received:
Bid 1: 0.53 Not Unique
Bid 2: 0.53 Not Unique
Bid 3: 1.32 Not Unique
Bid 4: 1.32 Not Unique
Bid 6: 0.65 Unique & Lowest
Bid 7: 1.25 Not Unique
Bid 8: 1.25 Not Unique
Bid 9: 1.20  Unique But Not  Lowest
Bid 10: 99.09  Unique But Not Lowest

Then the bidder that placed a bid of 0.65 would win the auction, as her bid the lowest unique bid that has been placed. Although 1.20 is a unique bid, it is not the lowest in unique. Bid status changes regularly throughout the period Auction is open. You may start out having a unique but not the lowest but it could become the lowest unique bid. Or you could have a unique bid but it could be matched and be no longer unique.

You can place as many bids as you like, unless there is a stated maximum number of bids for each auction. However, please remember that an entry fee may be charged for each bid that is placed.

As a registered member , you are allowed to place any number of bids on any number of Auctions that you are eligible to bid on.

After an Auction the Winner of the auction will be sent an email announcing the same. Also winners name will be updated on the Winners page on the website.

You can check the status of your bids in the dashboard under Bidding section My Bids option.

We have various safety mechanism implemented on the website. Of which few are mentioned below:
1) Website is secured using the encryption & Secured Socket layer (SSL).
2) High quality malware and virus protection.
3) All payments are secured using PCI compliance.
4) Fail safe mechanisms to prevent various attacks.

Bidding can be done using either Bid wallet or Cashback wallet .

CashBack wallet is used to add funds to your wallet based on various promotional schemes launched by the company. Direct Commission earned by referring other users , Binary Commission generated based on Binary plan  , Daily cash back given based on the package purchase done by user are all credited into this wallet.

No. Amount in the Bid wallet is not withdrawable.

From the user dashboard, you have an option to request for withdrawal .This option is available under Wallet menu in your dashboard.

Withdrawal request can be placed by you anytime however withdrawal request will be processed on 15th and 30th of every month.

Transfer from Bid wallet is  not allowed however transfer is allowed from Cashback wallet. You can still add funds into other person's bid wallet from your CashWallet , this will be considered as package purchase for the other user.

For most of your operations you will not need to meet anyone in our office we can support you 24/7 over live chat and also we have an option where you can raise request to various departments from your dashboard mailbox. In general we do not encourage you to meet anyone from our office , however if needed we can meet you with a prior appointment.

No, you are strictly restricted to signup for more than one account as this is a violation of our terms and condition. Doing this will amount to be considered as a fraud and your account can be permanently be blocked.

For withdrawal, you will have option to withdraw only from the modes which you have deposited , example you have deposited using PayPal and using Perfect Money , for withdrawal you will be given only these two options as Ecurrency .This is purely based on Anti Money Laundering (AML) policy.

Yes. Withdrawal charges are currently 9% of the amount being requested.

Yes .Transfer charges are currently 1% of the amount being transferred.

If any person who has joined with your sponsor id , adds money to the bid wallet , you are eligible for Direct commission upto a certain percentage of the amount added. Direct Commission percentage applicable to you depends on the Highest available valid package for you.

MavWealth follows a 1:1 ratio for calculating Binary Commission , Also Binary Commission percentage for you depends on the Highest available Valid package for you.

No. Sponsor cannot be changed once registration is completed.

Please ensure that you have provided the right email-Id at the time of registration. Some times I may take upto 1 minute to receive the activation email depending on the email provider. In case you have still not received activation email , please reach out to our chat support team. They can help you.

Amount loaded in the bid wallet can be used specifically for bidding .Since there is no product associated, there cannot be any cancellation policy. However, in case you.

Our bidding process and Winner declaration is completely automated and there is no manual intervention.  This is the reason your bid status changes almost instantaneously based on the bid placed by other users.

There could be few scenarios either because of connection problems or because of other issues , do not worry , reach out to our support team either using chat or the internal mailbox ,we are there to support you.

Wallet transfer is an activity between two users , MavWealth team cannot interfere and reverse such transaction. Please be double sure before you transfer money from your wallet.

NO. None of the employees of  our company will contact you directly for joining. Our business  plan is purely dependent on members growing the networks.
We nominate certain members as Agents based on their deposits and basic KYC verification. We do not take any guarantee if any of the agents make false claims. All terms and conditions are clearly mentioned on the company website. If you have any questions you can reach out to our Support team.

An Agent is fully aware of the terms and conditions of the company , the business plan and other procedures.  Joining under an agent can help you get better position in the tree and also you can benefit from the spillover of the people joining under the agent.

We have kept a minimum condition of $50000 to ensure that we have Agents who are serious of joining us, believe in the potential of our product and are fully focused on the growth of our network. If you think you have other capabilities and qualities which can distinguish you, reach out to our support team and we should be able to discuss this out.

Based on the amount you have add in your bid wallet you have purchased certain package from MavWealth. During the validity of the package , you are eligible to get daily cashback of certain percentage of the amount provided you place at least one bid on that day. CashBack is not provided on weekends (Saturday & Sunday)

No. once money is loaded in the bid wallet, they do not have any expiry period. They can be used anytime.

Validity Associated with the package is just for the additional benefits associated with the package like Cashback , Direct Commission, Binary Commission, etc.

Yes, only a person above 18 years can join us.

No you cannot use the same email to open more than 1 account 

If you do not Bid everyday, you wont be eligible to get the Daily CashBack.

The moment you invest the money and start bidding, your daily cash back will be credited to your Cash back wallet everyday.

Yes, in order to receive your daily cash back for the investment you make, you will have to at least place a single bid. 

Absolutely not. We have a zero tolerance policy towards spammers and spamming. All spammers' accounts will immediately be closed without any compensation.

If you have general query pertaining to us, you have the option of Whatsapp, Skype, Live support, call back  and for any technical query  you may contact us by filling the form available on this link

No, it's not possible. We do not provide e-currency exchange services.

Yes, We have highest level DDoS attack Protection.

Yes, we have Extended Validation SSL certificate issued by COMODO.

We accept members from all over the world except IRAN, BRITISH COLUMBIA, INDIA, & MAURITIUS , irrespective of their citizenship. Our services are available to any individual or legal entity in the world.

Your account will be updated as fast, as you deposit. If you invest via E-currencies (max 12 hours),western union(72 hours) and bank wire (1-5 business days) If your deposit has not appeared within the mentioned time, please, contact our support service.

At MavWealth we are a passionate team of experts from both financial and technology domain. We believe currency transaction and trading can be taken to newer heights & greater convenience to all. Our purpose is to support you to achieve your greater financial goals.

We are on the constant run to expand the possibility to increase wealth creation to our customers by providing a robust platform. We want you all to get financial freedom in life and take advantage of our services. We are here to make sure that we keep innovating new services to give you financial liberty. Our excitement and enthusiasm comes from our customer’s joy.

Well, Well !! You asked the right question. We cannot lay down all the points here but here are are a few pointers what define our revenue stream

  1. We invest funds into Forex market
  2. We Invest funds into bitcoin trading also 

Our trading strategies or the investments are strictly internal and confidential. We cannot share these to general users.

If there is any detailed questions you want ask , then you can send email to and our internal team will consider if such requests can be answered or details be shared.